Who We Are

Photo by Rosalind Yang
Photo by Rosalind Yang

Photo by Rosalind Yang

Reba Place Church is a congregation centered on Jesus Christ and the Kingdom of God, rooted in an Anabaptist tradition, catholic in spirit, evangelical in conviction, charismatic in practice, and antiracist in calling.

What does it all mean?

Reba Place Church is a congregation rooted in an Anabaptist tradition.

Reba Place Church is affiliated with the Mennonite Church USA. We affirm the 1995 Confession of Faith in a Mennonite Perspective: Summary Statement as an expression of our faith for teaching and nurture in the life of the church. The Anabaptist traditions began in sixteenth century Europe as Christians attempted to realize the fullness and vitality of the church envisioned in the New Testament. By confessing that we are an Anabaptist church we are declaring our continuity with a Christian tradition focused on the church as a deliberate community of disciples practicing love, peace, and justice in the world.

We are catholic in spirit.

The word catholic refers to the universal church. To be catholic is to recognize our membership in a worldwide church that is not bound by language, ethnicity, nationality, or citizenship. By confessing that we are an Anabaptist church that is also catholic in spirit we are declaring our commitment to listen for God’s word to us through other Christian traditions. We acknowledge the importance and integrity of our inherited faith traditions and ethnic cultures, yet we seek to learn from others in order to further clarify our mission and extend our witness in the world.

We are evangelical in conviction.

The word evangelical refers to the good news, or gospel, that is revealed in Jesus Christ. To be evangelical is to respond to this good news in faith and obedience, and to commit ourselves to communicating this message throughout the world. By confessing that we are an Anabaptist church that is also evangelical in conviction we are declaring our identity as followers of Jesus, saved by his life, death, and resurrection, and led by his Spirit to form a community of believers dedicated to demonstrating and proclaiming the reality of God’s saving grace.

We are charismatic in practice.

The word charismatic refers to the gifts of grace that come through the power of God the Holy Spirit. To be charismatic is to be baptized, filled, and gifted by God for engaged worship, empowered community, and energetic witness. By confessing that we are an Anabaptist church that is charismatic in practice we are declaring our dependence upon God for our identity, guidance, and effectiveness. The intimacy of God’s presence in our individual and corporate lives is our greatest need and desire.

We are antiracist in calling.

The word antiracist refers to the necessity to oppose and stand against the demonic power of racial division that is such a “stronghold” in US society. By confessing our calling to be antiracist we acknowledge that a specific word to us in the 1990s focused our attention on the basic, timeless biblical message that evangelism and justice are inseparable. While we acknowledge that all oppression is against God’s desire for humanity to be one loving family, we believe that this specific calling is God’s path for our particular congregation to become a more visible expression of kingdom justice and unity in this time and place.