Books and Articles about Reba Place

Behind the Meetinghouse (Photo by David Johanson)

Behind the Meetinghouse (Photo by David Johanson)


Cynicism & Hope: Reclaiming Discipleship in a Post-Democratic Society is a collection of talks from a November 2007 conference at Reba Place Church.

Living Together in a World Falling Apart is one of the earliest books about Reba, by Dave and Neta Jackson.

Glimpses of Glory:Thirty Years of Community, the Story of Reba Place Fellowship, by Dave and Neta Jackson, is a selected history of Reba Place Church and Reba Place Fellowship published during the 30th anniversary. It contains the authors’ historical narrative plus interviews with people involved with important historical moments at Reba. It may be difficult to find on the market at a reasonable price. Ask around at church to see whose copy you can borrow.

Treasure in Heaven has just been reissued by Wipf & Stock Press. The book is written by former pastor Virgil Vogt and shows how the teachings of Jesus address issues of economics.

Reba co-founder John Miller’s The Christian Way has just been reissued by Wipf & Stock. It’s a guide to Christian life based on the Sermon on the Mount.

Why Not Celebrate, by Sara Wenger Shenk, is a beautiful collection of family traditions of celebration, many from Reba Place families.

Former Reba member Dave Jackson writes about a Reba Place Church fundraising idea in “Fresh Ideas for Administration and Finance”, published 1982. A preview is available at the Christianity Today Library online.

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Should you be an avid researcher of media and newspaper databases, you would find several articles on Reba Place Fellowship, the community which gave birth to Reba Place Church, dating from the 1950s, 1960s, and 1970s. Here are some from more recent times:

Radical communities: the modern community movement, Christian History & Biography, 1983.

Helping Those in Pain, by Philip Yancey, Leadership Journal, 1984.

The New Monasticism, Christianity Today, 2005.