Meetinghouse Doors (Photo by David Johanson)

Meetinghouse Doors (Photo by David Johanson)

Pastoral Leadership

Our Pastoral Team is currently led by Lead Pastor Charlotte Lehman. The Pastoral Team is charged with oversight of the faithfulness, effectiveness, health, and growth of the congregation.

Mission Areas

At Reba Place Church we have four areas of ministry: Common Life, Discipleship, Resources and Witness. Each person in our congregation, whether a member or just interested in walking with us for a while, is encouraged to identify one Mission Area that they have particular gifts for and willingness to serve in. This doesn’t mean you can’t serve in other areas as well!

Each area of ministry is led by a Mission Team of 4-5 members. The leaders of each of the four Mission Teams, together with the Pastoral Staff, form the Leadership Team.


The Trustees are the congregation’s representatives and they interact with the leadership team (pastors & mission team leaders) as such. The Trustees help set policy and serve as the “guide rails” of the leadership team and the congregation, helping steer us back toward center if we veer from the mission.

For those of us who are visual learners…

Here’s a diagram that represents our church structure (more or less!)