Mission Teams


Mission Areas

At Reba Place Church we have four areas of ministry: Common Life, Discipleship, Resources and Witness. Each person in our congregation, whether a member or just interested in walking with us for a while, is encouraged to identify one Mission Area that they feel particularly called to.

Mission Teams

The people in each Mission Area have appointed a Mission Team to coordinate and encourages activities within that area. The Mission Teams are charged with leading our whole congregation in the work of God’s mission in the world. Mission Team members encourage us all to find a way to use our gifts.Interested in learning more about a Mission Area? Talking to one of these people is a great way to start!

Common Life Mission Team

Common Life is about the formation of our church into the Body of Christ through building up and maintaining relationships, and offering support and encouragement among all participants. We seek to do this through Potlucks, welcoming Newcomers, encouraging Small Groups, Mutual Aid, Sonshine Group, Prayer Chain, Pastoral Care and other ways of helping people be church on Sunday and throughout the week.

Discipleship Mission Team

People in the Discipleship area feel a special calling toward helping our congregation grow into a mature community of mature disciples. They seek to support our growth at all different levels and ages, recognizing that we grow in many ways – hearing good teaching about God’s character, studying the Bible, receiving emotional healing, praying together, and participating in healthy relationships with other Christians. Current ministries in the Discipleship Area include: Baptism Class, Christian Education, Kingdom Kids, RPC Library, Men’s Bible Study, Prayer Ministries, Sunday School, Women’s Bible Study, and Jr. & Sr. High Youth.

Resources Mission Team

Our goal: to be caretakers of the physical resources God has given to Reba Place Church. “Resources” are understood in three areas: Buildings/grounds, the people who do the work at RPC, and funds. We are involved in:
- Maintenance, repairs and cleaning of our two buildings with all the equipment and furniture in them,
- Remodeling, upgrading and purchasing for the above when needed,
- Attracting and employing a talented, motivated church staff,
- Ensuring that the above folks and church volunteers are supported and appreciated for the full use of their gifts.
- Planning the annual church budget and oversight of major expenditures.
Ministries and subgroups in the Resources Area include: Facilities Team, Budget Group, the Church Office, Personnel Group, Gardeners, the Harvest, and Kitchen Oversight.

Witness Mission Team

The Witness Area is about connecting the church with the community – whether that is our local community of Evanston & Chicago, the national community, or the worldwide community. It addresses the central questions: How do we love our neighbors as ourselves, and how do we share the Good News about Jesus and his Kingdom? Current ministries in the Witness Area include: World Mission Committee, Martin Luther King Church & Community at Work, Interfaith Unity Day, Middle East Prayer Group, Neighborhood Outreach, the Pick, Peace Initiatives, and Senior Connections. The Witness Area also maintains our connections with partners and friends, including local churches, Mennonite Central CommitteeMennonite Disaster ServiceMennonite World ConferenceTen Thousand VillagesSHARE CircleReba Place Development Corporation, and local officials in Evanston.