Becoming a Member

Photo by Rosalind Yang

Photo by Rosalind Yang

Process of Membership

It is not complicated to become a member of Reba Place Church, but it does take some intentional investigation and exploration.

  1. Meet with the pastor.
  2. Attend one of the periodic new member class sequences, which cover the basics of Christian life at Reba and introduce new people to current church members.
  3. During the class, meet with a Conversational Partner. These are are Reba members available to work one-on-one with those requesting membership.
  4. Write a membership paper.
  5. Be recommended for membership by the pastor to the Church Council.
  6. Be affirmed as a member by the Church Council.

Types of Membership

There are two types of membership at Reba Place Church: Full and Associate.

Full membership allows individuals eligibility to serve on the church Council, vote in congregational meetings, lead membership classes, and be considered as a “church member” when making application to various denominational programs for grants, financial assistance, insurance, or scholarships.

Associate membership is a category usually reserved for those with other primary, active church memberships and for those who express reservations about Mennonite beliefs. Ask the pastor for more information about associate membership.

Students & Membership

Local college students may become Full members or Associate members, based on their availability and commitments to other churches. If you are a student, we welcome discussion about which type of membership is most appropriate for you. Contact the church office for details.


Baptism is an essential ingredient in Mennonite life. Contact the church office with questions or to express your interest in baptism.