Beyond Evanston and Chicago

Hora Lake (Meserete Kristos College, Ethiopia)

Hora Lake (Meserete Kristos College, Ethiopia)

SHARE Circle


Reba member Guerra Freitas is the president and director of SHARE Circle, a humanitarian, relief, agricultural, developmental, de-mining and mine awareness agency working in countries emerging from conflicts. Reba Place Church supports SHARECircle and many Reba members past and present have been involved in SHARE projects. A delegation from SHARE Circle went to Angola in July 2007 to distribute humanitarian aid and to explore starting a university there (picture of the delegation on the right.)

Meserete Kristos College

Reba Place Church helps support Meserete Kristos College, a Mennonite seminary in Ethiopia.

Valle Nuevo

Together with Reba Place Fellowship, Reba Place Church maintains a sister relationship with the community of Valle Nuevo in El Salvador. We send down a group of delegates each spring to build relationships between our two communities.