Reba Place Development Corporation


Reba Place Development Corporation (RPDC)

RPDC was formed in 1995 when Reba Place Church members invited community-minded neighbors to form a broad-based not-for-profit corporation to extend the mission of affordable housing.

RPDC’s mission

  • to develop safe, decent, and affordable housing that demonstrates how the diverse racial and cultural groups in Southeast Evanston can thrive together.
  • to promote and cultivate a neighborly environment for those who wish to raise their families in peace.
  • to sponsor and support a range of affordable housing options, including modestly priced rental units, housing co-ops, and affordable condominiums.
  • in cooperation with Reba Place Church, and other participating congregations, to invite our neighbors into a transforming relationship with Jesus and an empowering experience of Christian community.

See also the RPF-RPDC website.