Headed for the compost bin (Photo by Rosalind Yang)

Headed for the compost bin (Photo by Rosalind Yang)



Many Reba Place Church members are passionate about just and sustainable food production and distribution. Caring about where our food comes from means learning more about soil conservation, energy conservation, local networks of food distribution, organics, and community supported agriculture. Some helpful resources:

Plow Creek Farm is a Mennonite community in Tiskilwa, IL founded by Reba Place Fellowship members in 1971. During summer months, many Reba members purchase weekly deliveries of food in a community supported agriculture program operated by Plow Creek.

The Talking Farm is a development in Evanston, also representing concerns of Reba Place Church members.

Energy and Green Alternatives

The Recyclery is a nonprofit bicycle collective run by volunteers, many from Reba Place Church and its sister church in Rogers Park, Living Water. Participants seek to build community through the restoration of donated and discarded bicycles, offering a sustainable form of transportation at little to no cost. The Recyclery hosts community-building events such as Women’s Bike Night and builds relationships with neighborhood kids through the Earn a Bike program. It also works with churches and social service organizations to donate bikes to those in need.

SHARE Circle focuses on humanitarian, relief, agricultural, developmental, de-mining and mine awareness agency working in countries emerging from conflicts.

Recently, more emphasis is being placed on green building/construction, another aspect of possible sustainability within the midst of a vociferous, nationwide building boom. See also U S Green Building Council.

Fair Market Alternatives

Ten Thousand Villages provides vital, fair income to Third World people by marketing their handicrafts and telling their stories in North America.

Plain and Simple offers top quality Amish furniture and quilts at affordable prices, respecting the labor of those who create them.