Adult Education


Following the Sunday worship service, adults meet in Grow Classes from 11:15 to 12 noon.  Grow Classes take place in the Meetinghouse and in other buildings nearby.  Some Grow Classes have an ongoing topic of discussion and function more like a book group or small group.  Other classes are part of a 5-7 week session and include a variety of rotating topics.  Recent Grow Classes include: “Lectio Divina and Forms of Prayer & Practice”; “Understanding Islam”; “End-of-Life Planning”; and “Why Do Bad Things Happen to Good People: The Problem of Evil.”  All Grow Classes are open to visitors at any point in the session.

Reba Place Church also offers occasional seminars and classes on topics such as family budgeting, maintaining healthy and intimate marriages, and reasons and ways to be politically involved.

Classes are taught by the pastor, other church members, or invited speakers for special topics.

We also have periodic series of new member classes for those interested in exploring membership.