Art of Members and Friends

Meetinghouse Doors (Photo by David Johanson)

Meetinghouse Doors (Photo by David Johanson)

Reba Place Church has been blessed with members and friends who express themselves in the arts, including a variety of visual arts, drama, choreography, song-writing, classical music, and poetry and literature.

Jim Croegaert

See Jim’s Site for information on music that has blessed Reba and countless others in many communities. Jim Croegaert was the worship leader at Reba for many years.

Lois Engelman

Lois is an iconographer. Some of her pieces are currently seen in the Meetinghouse Chapel and in the Ministry Center hallway. For information on some aspects of iconography, go to Orthodox Church Icons and Iconography.

Chico Fajardo

Find examples of Chico’s work at little paintings.

Monica Laytham

Hear examples of Monica’s music here.

Tim Lowly

One of Tim’s paintings hangs in the Reba Place Church chapel. Tim was a regular attender and part of the music team for several years in the early 1990s.