Praise team on Easter Sunday (Photo by Rosalind Yang)

Praise team on Easter Sunday (Photo by Rosalind Yang)

Sunday Worship

Sunday worship music at Reba Place Church is strong on contemporary gospel, Contemporary Christian music, and indigenous RPCfolk traditions. Our worship service frequently features the music of RebaPraise and the RPC Gospel Choir, plus a full worship band – drums, piano, guitar, violin, and occasionally bass, cello and harmonica!

Reba Praise

Reba Praise is Reba Place Church’s own gospel group, creating music with tight harmonies and a blend of old-school gospel, traditional Reba songs, and contemporary gospel favorites. In addition to leading Sunday worship almost every week, Reba Praise (Robert and Mollie Bady, Anne Gavitt, Ken Stewart, and pianist and director Helen Hudgens) have a CD out and represent Reba Place Church everywhere from South Side Chicago churches to the Mennonite National Assembly. Check out RebaPraise music now!

Reba Place Church Gospel Choir

The RPC Gospel Choir was started in 1992 by Anne Stewart and Helen Hudgens. The choir is now a semi-regular part of Sunday morning worship, singing traditional spirituals and contemporary gospel.