Our Worship Space

Where we worship (before the renovations!)

Where we worship (before the renovations!)

We gather every Sunday at 620 Madison Avenue in a space that once served as a bus garage.

The building next door was the home of the original Tinker Toys factory.

The neighborhood has changed over the years, and today our congregation sits in its recycled space on risers arranged in a theater-in-the-round. Worship, drama, and dancing occurs inside the circle. A circular baptistry is located under the center of the floor.

Liturgical and congregational dancing has a long history at Reba Place. We also celebrate the Christian calendar with seasonal banners and dramas. Some people, especially children, wave brightly colored flags during the musical portion of the service. There is room to move around outside of the large circle and in corner areas of the worship space, to pray, dance, wave flags or otherwise give glory to God.